Nature India Photo Contest Announces Finalists

The second Nature India Photo Contest has received hundreds of entries for participation. The theme for Nature India 2015 Photo Contest was ‘Patterns’, and the contest has already begun announcing finalists.

The Nature India contest seeks entries that bridge the gap between art and science, and it set out to look for art in the geometric, natural or abstract; things that can be seen under a microscope, in or on the human body or in space. The final results of the Nature India contest will be revealed throughout the month of November, and aside from judging, participants are free to share the internet throughout the internet and social media to promote them.

Nature India has already published two of the fifteen finalists, and the pictures surely show an interesting take in the connections between art and science. As science is nearly always exact and art is rarely so, these entries show a beautiful representation of the differences and similarities between the two. One particular entry, titled ‘The Window to the Soul’, shows the eye of a zebrafish under a microscope, which poses an only seemingly simple concept with beautiful execution. The picture was submitted to Nature India by Gauravi Deshpande at the Max Planck Institute of Cell biology and Genetics, Dresden, Germany.