Smart Helmet Puts Eyes in the Back of Your Head

Smart Helmet - Clapway

Skully Inc is introducing the world’s first smart helmet into the market. The story started with an accident, where CEO Marcus Weller crashed into the back of a car on his motorcycle in Barcelona. A few years later he had a dream where he avoided it because he was wearing an upgraded helmet that saved his life.

So he set out to design the smart helmet. With a top of the line video system, an on board computer and a heads-up display built into the visor, he hopes to save other lives as well. The AR-1 smart helmet gives a rider panoramic views of the roads and takes away all blind spots.

Helmet - Clapway

AR-1 Smart Helmet Has a 180 Degree Blind Spot Camera

The visor has a 180 degree camera with an ultra wide angle, virtually giving riders eyes in the back of their head so that they’re not put in danger by something they can’t see coming. He studied┬áthe way that the human brain processes vision, and made it so his visual systems work to put that information into the helmet to ensure safety and reduce chances of a life-threatening accident.

Smart Helmet Connects To A Phone Via Bluetooth

This new smart helmet connects to clients’ phones via Bluetooth, in order to keep things hands-free and enabling calling, GPS navigation and music streaming all as bikers keep their eyes where they should be: on the road.

After years of development, this smart helmet is set to hit the market during the 2015-2016 holidays.