Tourism Can Save Sierra Leone from Ebola

Sierra Leone - Clapway

Sierra Leone was declared ebola-free only on November 7, and tourism can help the country recover from the rampant loss it brought. Freetown has seen little tourism since 2002, filled with chaos and disease. They received the support of UNESCO during it’s darker times, and when Ebola stroke, it took the lives of over 4,000 people.

Sierra Leone - Clapway

Sierra Leone is Ebola Free Now

With the outbreak of Ebola, not only homes were affected. Schools, colleges, hotels and restaurants were all forced to close, and most other establishments had a curfew at 6pm. Football matches were banned, nightclubs were closed, flights in and out suspended.

Sierra Leone saw itself completely isolated, and an economy that was already crippled became even more vulnerable.

But there was a steady change

By November 7th, the country was declared completely Ebola free, but it was tourism that brought hope back to the country. By seeing streets slowly refilled, businesses booming and currency circulating helped the country fight back.

Sierra Leone Needs Tourism

Tourism can save any third-world country from a slew of things; a good economy means currency that can go to medicines, treatment and such. Sierra Leone celebrated becoming Ebola-free with ample dancing, but at the end of the day, Tourism can help that vivaciousness remain.