God Bless Microsoft and Google

Bless - Google

Microsoft and Google: Skype and Hangouts Will Be Free of International Charges for A Few Days

Microsoft and Google have made Skype calls and Google Hangout calls free for the next few days to honor the Paris attacks and help loved ones connect through their services. Much like Facebook has implemented the safety check tool to assert that users are safe and alert their loved ones, Microsoft and Google are doing their part to ensure that everyone suffering in Paris, can connect with their loved ones and mourn together.

Bless - Google

Microsoft and Google: Skype and Hangout Will Help People Stay in Touch

Skype declared in a blogpost that in light of the chaotic events in Paris, the company will do its best to help families, colleagues and friends stay in touch. They immediately put into effect to make all international and domestic calls to landlines and mobiles in France will be free of charge, probably through the three days French President Hollande declared days of mourning for the country.

On the other hand, Google+ made a blog post of their own, where they declared that all calls made to France via Hangouts will be free of international charges. Calls can be made from anywhere in the world, judging by their statement.

Like Facebook, Microsoft and Google Made no Moves for Beirut or Baghdad

Microsoft and Google haven’t made any announcements in regards to the November 13 attacks on Beirut or Baghdad, which Facebook took a few hits for. This could constitute as bias in regards to the standing of the company and the scale of the attacks, but since there hasn’t been any direct backlash or response from Microsoft and Google, it’s not clear if they received as much negative feedback as Facebook.