Lyft Line: Carpooling is the New Trend

Lyft carpool - Clapway

Lyft Line is Cheaper than UberPOOL and More Accessible

Lyft Line brings Lyft an even cheaper way to get you where you need to be by offering a carpooling service. This allows you to cross whatever distances you don’t want to drive, and could also score you a few friends.

Lyft carpool - Clapway

Carpooling is the New Trend

Uber brought the concept in with UberPOOL, which allows customers to hitch a ride alongside other riders going on a similar route. Lyft has a one up on this, though, by offering a much cheaper rate. The moment the add-on was released, it became increasingly popular, especially for quick trips or for riders who are riding alone.

Carpooling is not a new concept, but by putting this together wiht taxi app services, it makes everything that much cheaper. This feature, even more inexpensive than splitting payment, even offers Lyft costumers a rate before they order their ride.

Lyft Expands its Scope

Lyft not only offers customers the opportunity to travel cheaply, but also the opportunity to make friends. This should make the dreadful cab ride to the airport a little more fun and a lot more cheap.

The only thing that might make Lyft even better now is to have scheduled rides!