Pokémon GO is More Fun than Pokémon Z

Pokemon - Clapway

Buzz around the video game industry says that Pokemon Z and Pokemon GO’s release dates would be cut real close, but Pokemon GO is destined to be the better game. There’s been plenty of hype around the internet recently because of these two games, and more and more people are fishing for hints on the upcoming Pokemon Z.

Pokémon GO Set to Release in 2016

The likeliest date for release for Pokémon is February of 2016, and word on the street says that Pokémon Z might follow right behind it. There’s been no confirmation from developers.

The info that is out on Pokémon Z, though, is that it will include two legendary characters: Xerneas, Yvetltal and Zygarde, all who have been featured in previous Pokémon games. There’ve also been details released in regards to Zygarde, who may or may not come with five separate forms including Zygarde Core, and other forms that will overtake the other two legendary Pokémon.

Although Pokémon GO has ensnared much of the excitement for the franchise, Pokémon Z still has a little bit of the spotlight.

Pokemon - Clapway
Pokemon GO

Regardless, Pokémon GO Opens A Whole New World for Pokémon Fans

Pokémon GO has caused an insane amount of hype by the concept alone, and some more madness was added to the mix once the trailer was released.

Current rumors that Pokémon GO has a tentative release date of February 27, which would mark the 20th anniversary of certain parts of the Pokémon franchise. Pokémon GO has the potential to become one game to beat down every other. The simplicity of the concept, and considering how incredibly popular the entire franchise has been in the last 20 years, sales will easily see historic highs once the game is released.

New Technology Has No Rival

There’s just no competing with new technology that makes players a more true Pokémon trainer. It brings in a new trend in the video game industry, and so long as it doesn’t come with annoying add-ons, it could bring in gamers young and old to the Pokémon community.

Pokémon GO will set a new standard to video games, and with the experience to be immersive, it’s only natural that the trend will extend to other parts of the video game industry. Old school Pokémon fans might also find comfort in the classic feel of Pokémon Z, but Pokémon GO is set to start revolution.