Technology Gave Patrick Hardison A New Face

A roof collapsed on firefighter Patrick Hardison in 2001, which disfigured his face completely and left him with crippling burns, and the death of BMX biker David Rodebaugh became his chance at having a normal face three months ago. A team out of 100 NYU Langone Medical Center staff, led by Dr. Eduardo D. Rodriguez, were able to use technology to give him a new face.

The 26 Hour Procedure Was Carried Out August 14, 2015

This procedure is the most complex face transplant made to date, and 41-year old Patrick Hardison set new standards in the field of face transplantation.

The amazing part of this story is that Patrick’s new face was donated from someone elses’. David Rodebaugh was a BMX cyclist that became brain dead after being in an accident. Three months later, his face is now Patrick Hardison’s.

David Rodebaugh is A Hero by His Own Right

This procedure is historical in its scale, but also in the coincidence of all the events. The time that David Rodebaugh was declared brain dead opened up all the right doors; the younger man was also an organ donor, and so his face was given to a courageous American Hero.

Miracles Come from Science and Coincidence

The technology that gave Patric his new face is the product of small miracles and advances in medicine and technology. The medical team behind this tremendous procedure hope to be able to do the same for many other patients that have suffered significant burning, but it’s small miracles like David Rodebaugh and his sacrifice that really make the miracles happen.