BMW eRR Bike is Better Than Gogoro Scooters

Gogoro - Clapway

Gogoro Inc., otherwise known as the Taiwanese Tesla of scooters, is set to expand their sales scope to Europe in 2016. This announcement was made at the Esposizione Internazionale Ciclo Motociclo e Accessori in Milan, declaring that Gogoro will open a Gogoro Experience Boutique in Amsterdam in the first half of 2016.

Gogoro - Clapway

Gogoro Coming to Other European Cities in the Future

Amsterdam is considered a European hub for smart city innovation and new technology, and it will open doors to Gogoro and allow it to further expand. They cut the prices of their scooters by 23% in October to become a more attractive product and hopefully this will attract a wider audience not only in Taiwan but also all over the world.

The Current Cost for a Gogoro Scooter is Roughly $3,000

After price reduction, the Gogoro Scooter costs about $3,000, which is a very steep price. The scooter offers the latest in electric scooter technology, thus why it is considered the Tesla of scooters, and with this price tag, it surely hopes to cater to those looking for both luxury and reduced gas emissions.

The Gogoro Scooter is currently only available in Taiwan, but with this spread to Europe, it will soon be available globally.

Is the BMW eRR Better?

BMW’s eRR bike certainly has more reliable stats than the Gogoro scooter. More details on which is better will roll out as the Gogoro scooter hits the Western market.