Beyond: Two Souls Brings Sexism to PS4

Beyond: Two Souls

Beyond: Two Souls was released for the PS3 in the autumn of 2013, and after more than two years, the game is getting a release on the PS4. Our question: Why? The game, which stars Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe, features great graphics and wonderful acting, but also received terrible criticism for being sexist, racist and badly written.

Beyond: Two Souls
Beyond: Two Souls

Still, Beyond: Two Souls is Coming to the PS4 On November 24

For the pretty price of $29.99, PS4 owners will be able to buy Beyond: Two Souls, which has a semi sensical plot that carries confusing mystery on the long run. David Cage, founder of developer Quantic Dream, is also working on Detroit, another video game with a loose story and questionable standing in regards to sexism, but Beyond: Two Souls is available for the console due to popular demand.

Beyond: Two Souls isn’t introduced to the console without improvements, as Beyond: Two Souls for the PS4 features 1080p graphics and improved mechanics, an additional DualShock 4 speaker, a TellTale Games-style breakdown of how gamers choose their path post-scene as well as the option to play the game in chronological order, improved difficulty and The Enhanced Experiments DLC.

Heavy Rain Will Also Come to the PS4 Starting March 1st, 2016

The announcement of Beyond: Two Souls coming to the PlayStation Store was made alongside an announcement that Heavy Rain will also be joining the PS4 roster. The announcements were made through the PlayStation blog, which has a pretty lackluster Fall 2015 exclusive game lineup. But with this opportunity, gamers that did not own the game before will be able to experience a David Cage game first hand, and understand why he has the fame he has in the gaming community.