World of Tanks Announces Closed Beta

World of Tanks has announced that they’re hosting an open beta from December 4-6. The MMO, shooter, tank action fusion game is hitting the PS4, and as part of its beta testing, it’s hosting an open beta.

Go Into Battle With 15v15 Heavy Tanks

The tanks are available from a wide series of nationalities, including USA, Germany and Russia, and in order to get started, players need only choose their tank and get to fighting. With every battle won, players earn experience points and the chance to upgrade tanks or get new ones. They also earn currency to customize their tanks.

Totally Free to Play and With Giveaways

The beta is free to join and the game is free to play, and the open beta will carry onto full play when World of Tanks launches, giving beta players a great head start before the game hits the PS4. Beta players will get some perks as well, as the World of Tanks will give players a Playstation inspired skin for their tank just for signing up for the beta, and second premium tank with a custom emblem after playing the beta.

World of Tanks Will Be At the Playstation Experience Conference

As part of joining the Playstation experience, World of Tanks will be hosting live game competitions with prizes. They’ll also continue to host special events and giveaways as the launch of World of Tanks draws closer .