Gravity Rush Remaster is Sweeter Than Fallout 4

Gravity Rush

Gravity Rush, one the prettiest PlayStation Vita video games ever, will be released on February 2, 2016, one week earlier than expected. This was announced by Playstation Europe via Twitter.

10. Gravity 1
Gravity Rush

Gravity Rush Hits Stores Worldwide on February 2nd

The date is also confirmed via the North American website. Gravity Rush’s remaster was in development at Bluepoint Games studio, who is also responsible for Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection. The remaster comes with astounding 1080p image and the following expansions: Spy Pack, Maid Load, Military Pack.

Gravity Rush Could Give Fallout 4 A Run for Its Money

Gravity Rush was among the best video games released for PlayStation Vita early in its inception, and was even considered for the PS3. It’s an action-platformer where gamers have the ability to control gravity, which gave the game its title, and it is now coming to PS4. Some reviewers thought combat sequences were somewhat lacking, although the video game’s visuals received a lot of praise.

Gamers Can Check Out A Gameplay Trailer Today

And thus, Gravity Rush is set to hit stores worldwide in 2016, after being in development for quite some time. PlayStation released a boss battle gameplay trailer during Paris Week in October, which has brought a lot of hype to the game, and with a date attached to the release, gamers are sure to get super excited about this new title.