Google Loves Star Wars, and Star Trek Too

Google Star Trek

With the release of a Star Wars themed Google, news has broken out that the company once made a Star Trek style communicator badge, but never released it. It was made so that users could speak to the Google search tool. This gadget never made it past a prototype, though.

Amit Singhai Admits He is A Huge Star Trek Fan, Too

The revelation originated from Google’s Amit Singhai, who shared he had a deep desire to have this communication tool available to Google users, even if only to know how it would feel. Singhai confessed to being a huge Star Trek follower, and said the pin was not just influenced by, but additionally imitated the one used in the TV shows and flicks. It attached to another gadget using Bluetooth, had a built-in microphone, and just needed a touch to wake it up.

Google Star Trek

Google Has Other Talking Devices; Though it Won’t Be the Same

While Google’s Combadge pin never ever ended up being an actual item we can all put on and buy, there are other ways to speak to devices aside from our phones in public. People can get an Android Wear smartwatch and start talking away, or get Google Glass and talk to it. If you’re that desperate for a Communicator pin, though, there’s no evidence suggesting the project will be resurrected, but they can always change their mind. With the Star Wars promotions going around, there is a chance that Google could release its inner Trekkie and deck out in Star Trek gear with this button if a Star Trek movie is released in the future.

Google Star Trek