Jennifer Lawrence Looks a Lot Like Kat From Gravity Rush

Jennifer Lawrence has reportedly bought a flat in the heart of London, and her latest sightings make her look awfully familiar. This week, Sony announced that their remaster of the gorgeous Gravity Rush would be hitting the PlayStation 4 a week earlier than expected, and the main character bears a striking resemblance to the young American actor.

Jennifer Lawrence Vs. Kat

Kat is the main character of the Gravity Rush saga, who saw its first installment in 2012. Besides rocking a similar shade of blonde as the actor who brought Katniss Everdeen to life (and even in that respect they’re similar!), the overall shape of their faces are oddly reminiscent, almost as if the revamp meant to model Kat as someone a little more close to Hollywood.

9. Jen 1

It may be just us, but the resemblance is endearing.

Kat, who suffers from amnesia throughout the game but quickly and legally assumes the role of the main heroine (again, much like Katniss), is a shapeshifter that roams the city of Hekseville to discover the secrets of her past and the key to her future.

This game has been long awaited by many, and once it hits stores on February 2nd, 2016, it’s sure to fly off the shelves as fast as Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 fly off of movie ticket printers.