No Snow Yet? Get Party Snow!

It’s mid-November and the East Coast hasn’t seen any snow, and you may as well take matters into their own hands. Party Snow brings an alternative for the whole family, with snow that feels like snow and isn’t toxic!

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Party Snow Grows 100 Times its Size Instantly!

We tested it, and it really does grow 100x its size. It looks like snow and feels like it too. All you need to do is add water, cold or warm, and the little white powder grows into gorgeous, fluffy snow that really does look like the real deal.

While it isn’t cold, it has the texture of real snow. It feels like the uppermost cap of snow on a winter morning after a night of heavy precipitation: fluffy and almost cloud-like. When too much water is added, it looks like wet snow, though with a more gelatinous consistency. Meaning that we definitely do not recommend using fake snow on bare floors with heavy traffic, as people could slip and hurt themselves.

The Secret? Spongeyness

Party Snow’s powder-like formula is like a sponge. It blows up with the tiniest bit of water and gets that spongey texture that makes it look and feel like real snow. It’s non-toxic, so it’s free to be used by kids aged 4+. It’s a pretty safe product. If it comes into contact with eyes, just rinse them for 15 minutes. If your child or anyone swallows it by mistake, simply drink lots of water or a full glass of milk (do not make yourself or your child vomit!). And just to increase cleanliness, wash hands after use!

Party Snow is Reusable

This is perhaps the most useful of Party Snow’s properties. If let to dry and stored in an airtight container, Party Snow can be used again and again for all of your flurry white needs! It’s great if people are looking for basic home decor in places where it may or may not snow, or for Christmas themed parties for children. Party Snow is sure to bring loads of fun for the whole family, and hey, this is the kind that doesn’t need shoveling.

Party Snow cleans easily, leaves no scent, and is safe for all to use. So if you’re in dire need of some snow, but your local weather, global warming, climate change and El Niño are against you, check out Party Snow!

Special Discount For Clapway Readers!

If you want to get your hands on some Party Snow at a discounted price, Clapway readers can receive a 25% discount through December 15 by using the code KMZD-RG2S4K-3HDPJP.