India YouTube is Better than Pakistan YouTube

Pakistan Youtube

The Pakistani Watan Party has moved the Supreme Court to reassess the ban on YouTube in light of the changed circumstances. The court has asked the federal government and the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to present their claims on trial to reconsider if Pakistan YouTube should remain banned.

Pakistan Youtube

Pakistan YouTube Ban Taken to Court

The Supreme Court might be the ideal institution to explore this issue. Ideally the federal government, assuring that the immediate threat is over, ought to have reversed the ban through the same ordinance it mounted it with. The court’s case will drag out while appeals a possibility. The government will most likely oppose the difficulty, specifically given PTA’s conservative position on the issue, when it really should be looking for to comply, according to some editorials.

Ban on YouTube is Just a Blot

The editorial also noted that the Pakistani federal government has gone to great sizes to propagate the narrative of eliminating extremism in all its forms as well as variations, saying that the Pakistan YouTube ban still exists as a blot. The ban may have been valuable to curb the cascade of spiritual unrest in the nation, however, the longer it remains in area the even more harm it does

People Are Still Using Pakistan YouTube

People in Pakistan are bypassing the ban with no problem, using freer platforms like Youtube in India for better browsing. It features the most popular channels and videos of the region, and at least until the ban is lifted, it’s a great option for video streaming for YouTube fans.