DNA Changes in Ancient Europe The Result of Alien Invasion?

The agricultural revolution was one of the most profound events in human history, resulting in the rise of modern-day civilization, but could it have been a small-scale alien invasion?

Currently, in the very first study of its kind, a worldwide group of scientists has found that after farming showed up in Europe 8,500 years ago, people’s DNA undertook prevalent changes, changing their elevation, digestion, immune system and skin color. Researchers have found indirect clues of some of these modifications by studying the genomes of living Europeans. But the new research study, they claimed, makes it feasible to see the changes as they occurred over countless years.


DNA Changes in Europe Were Influenced by Farming

Before the development of studies of old DNA, researchers had actually depended generally on bones and also various other physical remains to understand European past history. The earliest bones of modern people in Europe day to about 45,000 years ago, researchers have discovered. Early Europeans lived as hunter-gatherers for over 35,000 years. About 8,500 years ago, farmers left their initial mark in the archeological record of the continent.

DNA Changed Because of Natural Selection… or Aliens?

By examining living Europeans, researchers have discovered proof suggesting that their ancestors adjusted to farming via natural selection. As devices to sequence, DNA ended up being quicker offered, scientists even uncovered some of the molecular basis of these traits. But these researchers couldn’t assert identify exactly when the modifications occurred, or whether they resulted from natural selection or the movements of individuals into Europe from other regions.

Aliens Force DNA to Change?

This DNA adaptation can also be the fruit of a higher power. Could it be that farming came to us through suggestion of higher powers? Farming and collecting have been in the civilizations that ruled the ancient world for ages; civilizations that have been often connected to have gotten messages from outer space intelligence. So, could it be this was the first encounter that Europe had with higher intelligence from space?