Nokia C1 is Better with Windows

Image: StockSnap

It has been heavily rumored that Nokia’s newest smartphone will run both Android and Windows 10 operating systems. There has not been any official news on whether this is true, whether or not the device will actually be called Nokia C1, or what the smartphone will officially look like. There have been leaked images across the web, but they are all different and are not official.

1. Nokia 2


Again, there are only rumors spreading across the web that the Nokia C1 will include both Windows 10 and an Android OS. Nokia has not officially announced if their device will have a version with the Windows 10 operating system, but if it is true, then it will make it better instantly. Microsoft announced their newest OS, Windows 10, a while ago and it was just recently released. It is all up to the opinion, but in this author’s view Microsoft makes the best operating systems on the market. So for Nokia to develop one of their devices with Windows 10 would be a great idea. Not much has been revealed about Nokia’s new phone as we speak, but it was announced a couple of years ago that Nokia did sell its smartphone business to Microsoft. Also, with that being the case, a question remains: why is Microsoft interested in making Nokia phones with Windows? It would be nice to see Microsoft’s answer to it.


Whenever Nokia decides to release their new smartphone, if it does indeed have Windows, it can be guaranteed that it will make a splash on the market. It does not appear that Nokia has a lot done on their phone at the moment, or they are just not revealing anything. If the Windows rumor is true, it sounds like they will release their smartphone with the option of Windows 10 or Android OS. That would be pretty awesome to be able to pick what operating system you want for your phone, but again nothing is official yet.