New Japanese Smartphone Kyocera is Urine and Feces Proof

Kyocera Phone Science

A brand new smartphone has been created by Japanese company Kyocera. The intention of this smartphone is if anybody accidentally pours urine on it, it will still work. No, just kidding, but if that did happen this phone would still work! The main aspect the company said was keeping the device clean.

Kyocera Phone Science


The company has announced some very cool features to their phone. They mention how their phone is designed to go anywhere and that it can handle anything. They announced that it is certified IP58 resistant to any dust or and water. Considering that people use their phones in any situation imaginable, they get dirty and having this dirt resistance is a tremendous feature. The company also stated that the device will have a self-healing scratch coating. With the current era of touchscreen devices, scratches are basically unavoidable. The Kyocera is set to have a 5-inch waterproof screen, with 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of internal storage, and a 720p resolution screen.


Kyocera has announced that this smartphone, the DIGNO Rafre KY V36, will be launching this month in Japan. They state that different colors will be available and that they will be red, pink, and blue. They are also saying that extra features will be available such as a rubber duck stand. Yes, companies in Japan certainly do some strange things, but Kyocera certainly has released a phone that might influence a future American released phone.

There is physically no way for people to not get their phones dirty. It is also very easy to drop your phone in water and making phones waterproof is essential. However, usually when a device is waterproof it still can not be soaked in water for an extended period of time. However, the company states that as long as all of the drive ports are covered on the phone that it will not be damaged by water.