Kia and DonorsChoose Team Up for Education

5. Kia DonorsChoose 1

Kia and DonorsChoose are joining hands to host teacher appreciation events and project funding workshops for teacher empowerment. Other campaigns hosted by Kia have brought in over $7 million and have brought a better education to 1.5 million American students since 2012.

5. Kia DonorsChoose 1

Holidays on Us Road Tour Will Provide Flash Funding

Kia’s Road Tour is providing $500,000 in flash funding for these efforts, which will go to active projects in San Diego, Phoenix and Tucson, AZ. They’ll be supporting DonorsChoose’s goal to aid all high-need schools in America for the next five years.

On the events, Kia stated that they are only too glad to form a collaboration between Kia and DonorsChoose to help the fundraiser reach their goal and continue to improve education for communities in need.

Donorschoose Will Use 2016 Kia Optima

For the Road Tour collaboration, DonorsChoose will be driving the all new 2016 Kia Optima. The first teacher events will be held December 7th in San Diego, at the El Cajon Kia Dealership. Another event will take place at the Mark Kia dealership in Phoenix on December 9th. Finally, the Royal Kia dealership in Tucson, Arizona, will host a third event on December 11th.

Workshops will be held through December 6th talking about best-practices funding in the San Diego area. This will take place at the Sheraton Mission Valley. The same workshop will be carried out in Phoenix at the Clarendon Hotel on December 8th, 2015.

Teachers Are the Building Blocks of Good Education

Kia and DonorsChoose are raising this new campaign with the help of dedicated citizens. They can join the effort by visiting the DonorsChoose website. Teachers will also be able to find events to attend on the same page.

This effort comes just in time for holiday cheer. All those who want to raise awareness on the importance of teaching and education can give their own donations to the cause.