Snowden’s Signal Could Be Another App Used by ISIS

16. Snowden Signal App 2

Signal has launched a desktop version of their platform. The program, currently in beta, will run through Google Chrome and enable encrypted messaging from the web. The app, developed by Open Whisper systems, was famously used by Edward Snowden, but it could also aid communication between terrorist groups like ISIS.

16. Snowden Signal App 2

Encrypted Calling and Messages Can Now Be Done Through the Web

Signal Desktop can now sync messages from Android devices, but they’re working on iOS compatibility. Voice calling has also not been fully integrated. Signal is free, and uses end-to-end encryption for sending messages, making calls and sending photos, providing the utmost security to users.

This is obviously a double-edged sword. Open Whisper Systems can’t even get access to the content shared between users since the platform never stores encryption keys. This makes it easy to use by people, but also extremists groups. There’s a big risk of this platform being used for potentially dangerous things, especially after news broke out that ISIS had been using Russian engineered Telegram to communicate.

Signal is Open Source But Dangerous

The Signal app is open-source, which means anyone can view their code. This means that any kind of tampering with the platform can be easily identified. This means that the users have direct access to everything the platform does or does not do with their information.