While Obama Talks, the Earth Is Going Underwater

Barack Obama - Climate Change

President Barack Obama has expressed that if the US doesn’t take action against climate change, the world will see more refugees. Meanwhile, Republicans are glad to prevent any advancement from being made in that respect.

Barack Obama - Climate Change

Climate Change Isn’t Taken Seriously By Republicans?

The Paris Climate Conference entered its third day this Wednesday. A lot of developing countries have shown little enthusiasm for the plans made in the previous one, which gives little hope for the decisions made in this year’s summit. Republicans have already made it clear that whatever decisions Obama claims to make at the conference don’t mean anything. At least until they go through the Senate and are approved.

Obama’s only choice for now is to hope that the next President will be able to advance, even if a little bit. Come November 8, 2016, we will know.

Will Greenhouse Gas and Fossil Fuel Emissions Reduce in the US?

As made obvious by the GOP, the US will reduce gas emissions when the Republicans see fit. Different governments have tried to reduce carbon emissions for more than 20 years, but there have been significant bumps on the road. These bumps potentially benefit opposing parties financially or politically. This is a bold move on their part. Climate change has been proven to be a political and financial threat to the world, but Republicans just don’t take it seriously. This is proof that a lot of Obama’s good intentions are thwarted by the GOP.

Meanwhile, China and Russia Set an Example

Chinese President Xi Jinping declared the conference as a new starting point. Russia has reduced their greenhouse gas emissions significantly, and promised to bring them further down by 70% by 2030. Both countries have made commitments to the cause, and will hopefully honor them.