6 Outdoor Exercises to Enhance Your Brain Power

Brainpower refers to the brain’s capacity to perform efficiently. Studies show that the human brain keeps on improving throughout one’s life despite individual’s fears that brain power deteriorates with age. Brainpower helps one gain more knowledge and learn particular techniques such as problem-solving. Outdoor exercises not only maintain your body’s health but also keep your mind sharp. The brain fitness program that involves enhancing brain power increases connections in the brain. Improvement in brain power also increases the heart rate thus more blood is pumped into the brain. Enhancement of brain power can also be due to the use of supplements such as Optimind.


Push-ups are one of the essential exercises in maintaining brain power. The best example of practice is the park bench push-up that aims at improving the chest and shoulders. Broadening of chest plays an integral role in the pumping of blood to the brain. When carrying out this exercise, step with your feet on the bench then the hands on the ground. Try doing ten pushups. Afterward, change your position by switching your legs to the ground while your arms are on the bench. Do another ten push-ups and finish by doing ground push-ups. This type of push-ups helps the brain coordinate the body movements and also enables the brain to increase its rate of reaction. Coordination and increased rate of reaction, therefore, increases the ability of the brain to learn.


To promote brain power consider cycling as one of the exercises.  There are core exercises for cyclists that should adhere to.  Cycling involves the movement of the legs and the lower back. Applying the lower back has proved to be vital as it lowers back pain and stimulates the action of the brain. The reason to this is the connection between the brain and the back by the spine. Cycling, therefore, plays a role in stimulating the nervous system hence has an effect on the memory. For example, cycling up a hill increases the heart rate that in turn helps the brain retain motor skills. As a result, it enhances the part of the brain that is responsible for memory.

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Although most people consider yoga as an indoor activity, it can also be classified as an outdoor activity. Yoga as an outdoor activity involves practicing it outside and in an open place using a mat. Some of the best examples of yoga that that aim at boosting brain power include Sarvangasana and Bhujangasana. Both yoga styles aim to increasing memory power. Sarvangasana improves memory by increasing blood flow to the brain while Bhujangasana is usually the right brain booster. Studies show that 20 minutes of yoga is more efficient than aerobic exercises. It is also known to prevent shrinking of the brain that hinders memory.

Morning Run

The morning run is a type of exercise that is undertaken during morning hours to keep both the body and mind fit. To enable efficiency and achieve better results there are various tips that one should consider. They include having a training schedule, appropriate running clothes and having something to eat before running. It is essential in increasing the density and size of brain capillaries. Morning run helps enhance flow and the pumping of oxygen into the brain. The pumping of blood into the brain also supports the survival of brain neurons thus improving brain power. Morning runs have also been known to improve the memory of an individual. The efficiency of morning run can be enhanced by taking Optimind before the start of the exercise. Optimind is a brain enhancement supplement that contains Vinpocetine and aims at rejuvenating one’s mind, and if combined with morning run it improves blood and oxygen flow to the brain.

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Jump Rope exercises

It is one of the most underrated exercises for most people.  Jumping rope is the most beneficial exercise regarding stimulating the brain and also improving overall body movement. The reason is that while jumping there is a coordination of the brain and most of the body parts.  Jump rope helps by improving the concentration and attention thus enhancing memory retention. Combine rope is jumping with a few sprints. That is, always do ten jumps, sprint for a few seconds then turn back and do other sprints for another few seconds. Every time you resume jumping, always change the type of jumps.  Varied jumps help in improving creativity as the jumps prevent the brain from being static.


Walking as an exercise can be done daily or weekly. The most important type of walk is the weekly strolling. It involves taking a 30 minutes’ walk on the weekly basis. It helps the brain be able to react to challenges and also enables brain repair. It also acts as a boost to learning of motor skills and reduces stress. Walking, therefore, increases brain power by lowering stress levels and at the same time enhance the energy of the mind.

Strengthen Your Brain Power!

The above outdoor exercises have proved to be beneficial in enhancing brain power. Outdoor activities can increase brain power by involving activities. Such activities include embracing music, eating well, sleeping well and meditation.