Destiny Can Now Officially Take You to Hell

4. Destiny Hell 3

Bungie has revealed the details about the next Destiny update, which rolls out this week. The new update features more useful Year One exotics for Year Two content. Hard Light and Radiant Dance Machines will be getting Year Two counterparts and higher stats than before.

New Destiny Update Will Feature New Gear at Some Point

There will be changes to the classes of weapons in the game, and the new December update will make a few changes to the game’s Titan class. All three classes, Defenders, Sunbreakers, and Strikers, will have some changes and tweaks to be less overpowered by others.

The update stems after a number of gamers were unable to play for around four hours. As an added treat, Bungie will be providing new weapons and items. The game is undergoing some serious maintenance in order to keep its fanbase, which could see a significant decline with the decreasing quality of the game.

Bungie and Activision Announce a Destiny Sparrow Racing League Exclusively for PS4

Bungie’s keynote at the PlayStation Experience 2015 this weekend revealed that starting December 8th, gamers on the PS4 will be able to access a new expansion pack. Destiny: The Taken King is packed with death races against five other planets, among them Venus and Mars. Gamers on the PS4 will also be able to access unique sparrows and gear, and an entirely new quest that will only be available to PS4 gamers.

New Destiny Expansion Pack Will Bring Back Fans

In the announcement, Bungie advised gamers to visit Amanda Holiday, who will host the event as Quartermaster. Players are encouraged to quest some bounties and take their place at the start line. Their website also revealed that it might be a good idea to engage in some trading (especially paint) while the expansion is live, which will be through December 29th. Gamers should race in style and with flair.

4. Destiny Hell 3