New TagHeuer Smartwatch is Perfect for Showing Off

TagHeuer has launched its first smartwatch, and it’s possible that the Swiss watchmaker will make a line out of its Connected smartwatch. By the end of 2016 and into 2017, TagHeuer is hoping to bring variations of the Connected smartwatch.

New Connected Smartwatches Could Come in Gold and with Diamonds

These smartwatches will only get more expensive as the company is hoping to bring true luxury to the latest technology. The company hopes to release 2,000 units of the smartwatch per week at the demand of retailers and subsidiaries. A total of 100,000 watches has been requested.

While this is no match for the Apple Watch, it’s still impressive for such a recently launched device. This proves that the TagHeuer Connected is being taken seriously as a smartwatch, and is the best one to combine luxury and smart technology for the public.

TagHeuer Connected Costco $1,500 Right Now

The Connected is modeled after the watchmaker’s Carrera watch, running on Android Wear OS. It’s powered by an Intel ATOM Z34XX processor, with a 360×360 display with an LCD touchscreen. TagHeuer boasts that watch has an all-day battery life. The Connected watch has been selling well, as buyers are confident in the quality that TagHeuer brings to users.

Trade in A Smart Watch for A Mechanical One

One thing that the Connected watch has up on the Apple watch is that prospective buyers have the chance to trade in their smartwatch for a mechanical one in the future. This ensures that if the smartwatch is not 100% to their liking, they can switch to a traditional luxury watch. In terms of business, this is the best offer available currently.

Smart watches are not for everyone. Though it is the most trending gadget right now, there are some people that prefer the good old traditional watch. TagHeuer is counting on the favor of both the ones who like luxury and technology, and those who like the hands turning on their wrists at all times.