New Sensor Chip Has Infinite Battery Life

The world’s smallest temperature sensor chip has been created, and it has infinite battery life that will never have to be charged. This represents a great step for the Internet of Things and for the cybernetics industry overall.

sensor chip PREMISS

The World’s Smallest Sensor Chip Draws Power from the Radio Waves It Uses to Communicate

The sensor chip was designed by Eindhoven University of Technology, specifically by Dr. Hao Gao as part of a project him and his team called PREMISS. The chip is as light as a grain of sand and measures 2 square millimeters, which gives it the title of smallest temperature sensor made to date.

PREMISS uses radio waves to communicate wirelessly, and these same waves power the small chip. Therefore, it doesn’t need any physical connections to send temperature data to other devices.

PREMISS Is the Smartest Chip Yet

The chip takes advantage of the energy required to register data to send it out to all necessary devices. This is something that not many temperature chips can do just yet. However, PREMISS isn’t ready to hit the shelves just yet.

The team behind the invention are hoping to give PREMISS a few more generations before it’s ready for mass production. It can currently only transfer data wirelessly to objects about an inch away. Dr. Gao’s team hopes to establish data transfers from three feet away by the end of 2016. The ultimate goal is to make the maximum distance 16 feet.

This Technology Can Lend to Many Other Devices

The same technology used to design this sensor chip can be used to manufacture other devices. The tiny battery-free sensor could inspire other sensors that record movement, light, humidity and so on. A hopeful goal would be to design a series of chips that would ensure home and office safety and can even be integrated onto the walls of every room using latex.