Motus Will Make Tiesto and Skrillex The First DJs To Play a Bicycle

Motus Will Make Tiesto and Skrillex The First DJs To Play a Bicycle
Skrillex / Image: Clapway

A new gadget out of Lithuania will change the way sound is created and perceived. Introducing Motus, a wireless motion controller that turns your every move into sound. The gadget can do anything from turning the palm of your hand into a drum to turning a bicycle into a turntable.

Skrillex / Image: Clapway motus
Skrillex / Image: Clapway

This Device Can be Attached to Anything And Even Manage Tempo

The campaign introduces the Motus controller being played in all parts of the world. It can showcase all sorts of sounds, from animal sounds to Star Wars sound FX and more. The device allows users to explore motion and sound. It can be used by dancers, musicians, and everyday people, even kids.

The device can be played like a spatial musical instrument to record or create music, and it allows users to explore different sonic landscapes. People can even create their own instruments. It can sound like anything, from a drum or a piano or a harp to a baby crying and like birds.

Motus is all about interaction. Different sound sets come with different suggested motion, which users can input. The device developers have also launched an app store for sounds and instruments, called the Coolgarden.

How Does Motus Work?

Motus is a motion tracker that maps different movements into sounds. These sounds can be pre-loaded by the user or could be prerecorded material, and they can also be made in real-time. In addition, the gadget can be connected to computers or smartphones to download the music users create to their libraries. The device is wireless and powered by a battery, and it’s 1.65″ tall. This makes handling extremely easy.

Three Versions of the Motus Controller

There are three different types of Motus controllers. There’s the Classic, which is the standard controllers. It needs no assembly and features Bluetooth 4 LE Smart connectivity. It’s a matter of turning it on and get cracking. According to the team, it was created with music enthusiasts in mind, for sound junkies and cool people in general.

Motus Pro is for Skrillex and DJ Tiesto

The second version is the Motus Pro, which was made to upgrade existing instruments. It’s optimized for motion control and can turn entire dance routines into songs. It has professional quality motion-to-sound, and it comes with a Bridge receiver and precision sensors. It works in a 30-meter range and can play up to 12 devices at the same time with virtually no latency. This version was created with musicians, DJs, dancers, sound and visual artists in mind.

This specific version was made for DJs like Skrillex and Tiesto. It’s crazy how well it works, to the point where music can be created from baby sounds. The team behind Motus managed to make sound come from the wheels and pedals of a bicycle. Just imagine what world famous DJs like Tiesto, Skrillex, and Calvin Harris could do with a device like this one.

The Hacker is for the Experimentalist In All Of Us

The final version of the gadget is the Motus Hacker. This version was created for those who like to experiment with sound. It’s a DYI kit of Motus, and it can be ‘hacked’ so users can make it into anything they want. They could even print a customized body for the device, solder its PCB and get access to thousands of open source libraries like Arduino. It’s an extended version of Motus that features Extend Motus, which are auxiliary analog and digital inputs. This version was made with art experimentalists, makers, and innovators in mind.

Skrillex Clapway
Skrillex / Image: Clapway

There’s a Motus Device For Everyone

All in all, there’s a Motus device for everyone. The company has showcased different facets of the device on their platforms, and it inspires people to become creators and innovators. The team behind Motus hope to bring a revolution to music, something people can bring to festivals and parties to showcase their sound. While having knowledge of sound software and instruments is a great help, this device doesn’t require it. It’s a beautiful way for people to express themselves, and hopefully, it can get to the mainstream market as soon as possible.