18 Tech Essentials For Your Next Road Trip

A Portable Charger Clapway

The year is coming to an end and New Year’s Resolutions are coming quickly. Chances are one of your resolutions is going to be to travel more. It’s likely due to the fact that traveling brings something out of us and enriches our lives in ways most of us can’t truly explain until we’ve had our own adventures. If you pursue any of your resolutions in 2016, then traveling more should most definitely be one of them.

And if you’re feeling really adventurous, then an all-American road trip should be one way to do it. One guy figured out how to have the best road trip ever that includes 20 destinations across the states from San Francisco to Newport and many in between. However, there are plenty of routes to take to make this dream a reality on the road.

One you’ve done your research, planned your track, and packed your bags, there are just a few tech gadgets you should include that could be game changers on your road trip. Some are just helpful add-ons, while others could make or break the endless days riding shotgun or in the driver’s seat. Take a peek at the 18 products or services you should have on hand before you get on the road:

A Portable Charger

You never know when you’re going to need your phone, and chances all it’ll die when you need it most. Have one of these just in case.

A Car Charger

Navigating the roads and using entertainment on your phone will run the battery, so make sure you’re always fully charged with one of these.

An Auxiliary Cord

Unless you have a Bluetooth car set up, you’ll want one of these so you don’t have to rely on inconsistent radio stations and the Top 40.

A Spotify Playlist

There are plenty of amazing playlists already created for this occasion. Save a few to have ready for when you just want to sit back and drive (or sing)!

Audible Books

Thousands of miles may call for more than music, conversation, and trivia. Have a few solid books already downloaded in your Audible app and catch up on your reading list.

Gas Buddy Mobile App

You’ll be shocked at how much money you could save on gas – and you’re going to be using a ton of it.

Google Maps

This is a no-brainer. Make sure you’ve downloaded this to your phone.

Google Maps Clapway

Roadtrippers Mobile App

A few people swear by this app, but I personally think it’s just an easy add-on to use occasionally if at all. Spontaneity is my personal tip.

A Gas Card

Spending an insane amount on gas can also lead to an insane amount in gas points. Trust me, it’ll definitely add up.

A Phone Stand For Your Dashboard

Go hands free with one of these babies.

A Breathalyzer

After a long day’s drive, you’ll likely want to relax with a local cold brew, but you should always be safe ad make sure you’re sober enough to continue the trek.

A Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot

There will be minimal Wi-Fi once you’re out on the open road, but you can bring your own Wi-Fi with you when you need it.

Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot  Clapway

A Steering Wheel Tray

This can come in handy when you’re eating, making notes, drawing on a map, or anything really. Not tech, but useful.

A Car Air Purifier

This might not be a game changer but it would surely be nice to have (especially towards the end of your trip).

A GoPro

While you’ll likely use this more when you’re not just driving down hundreds of bland miles, it’s good to have on hand in case something crazy happens on the road out of the blue.

Roadside Assistance

Make sure your car insurance is up to date, and especially one with roadside assistance. This way, with just one phone call (on your fully charged phone) you’d have help in no time.

A Radar Detector

Use this not to cheat the system, but to drive safely overall. The detector can help you manage your speed even without a cop nearby.

A Radar Detector Clapway

A Portable Espresso Machine

Now this baby is game changer. No need to get coffee at the questionable gas station anymore! Brew your own with this set.

And maybe one of these fantastic future gadgets will be available in time for you to add to the list (especially the digital Bat Man decal). For the meantime, having a few of those items will really make the trip less stressful when you’re out on the open road.

“Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road.”Jack Kerouac, On the Road