Facebook Search is As Big as Google on Mobile Devices

Facebook Search is As Big as Google on Mobile Devices Clapway

The new era of internet browsing is all on mobile, and Google is quite nervous about platforms like Facebook search because of it. The most popular apps in the world have a serious advantage when it comes to accessing the web from smartphones, and Google and Facebook are head to head.

Facebook Search Clapway

Google and Facebook Are Internet Monarchs

Google and Facebook own the eight most popular apps in the United States. In fact, 20% of time spent on Facebook is on mobile, and that’s a figure that Google cannot beat right now. Facebook is even ganging up on Google territory by introducing an improved search tool in the Facebook app. It’s also bringing updates to the Messenger search tool, which has gathered 700 million users worldwide.

Google is Fighting Back With New Messenger Platform

Google has been reported to fight back with a new messaging app, which features a search engine powered by the chats themselves. It is very clearly a direct response to Facebook’s efforts, but it won’t likely be able to surpass the social media giant.

Facebook Search Could Become the Most Popular Engine

Facebook search is a great threat to Google as a search engine, and Google is hoping to retaliate with its new messaging platform. However, Google has another remarkable disadvantage: despite having services like Google Plus, it is not a popular networking platform. Unlike messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat, Line and KakaoTalk, Google has little to go on for this new messenger app. If Google doesn’t build solid ground, the new platform won’t be able to account for the losses that Facebook could bring.

Google Can Also Fight Back With New Google AI

Google can, however, step up their AI game. This is another field where Facebook has high stakes, but Google has the ability to overpower them. Or, on another note entirely, Google could join hands with Facebook and bring in a Google-made chatbot. It’s not like they haven’t joined hands with competition before, so why not?

The truth is that the internet is going mobile. While Google holds no solid network, it cannot spread. Although it is the most widespread search engine in the world, that’s only on web platforms. Does Google have the capacity to grow and appeal to the mobile crowd? Of course, but there are a lot of different ways to get there, and not all of them can be done through Google acting alone.

Google is Fighting Back With New Messenger Platform Clapway