New Nintendo NX Hybrid Console to Beat Xbox and Playstation

New Nintendo NX Hybrid Console to Beat Xbox and Playstation Clapway

The Wii U took three years to get to 15 million units sold, and it’s probably the reason why Nintendo is already in gear to release a new console. The Nintendo NX could put Nintendo’s struggle with Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox One to rest.

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Nintendo NX Kits Are Already Being Shipped Out

The information available regarding the Nintendo NX is very vague. In short words, Nintendo executives have revealed that the new console is definitely not a follow-up to the Wii or the Wii U. It’s an entirely new console that will allegedly change the way video games are viewed and played.

Buzz says that Nintendo has already shipped out Nintendo NX kits to developers for testing and troubleshooting. Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima is calling the console a new experience. Rumors suggest that it will be a hybrid of some sort. It could be a mix of the Wii U and the GameCube. This would make for a very interesting concept.

Sales of the Nintendo 3DS are starting to weaken after six years in the market. With the loss that the Wii U has brought on the company, a new generation console could not be coming at a better time. Analysts have declared that the Nintendo NX might even be out on retailers by the end of 2016, most likely sometime after E3 2016.

The Nintendo NX Concept Announcement Coming Soon

The more pressing news is that the console concept announcement will probably be made before E3. Analysts claim that fans can expect the announcement to be made anywhere between March and May. This would be in preparation for E3, where Nintendo would ideally be unveiling the console as a whole along with potential games and accessories.

Can This Get Nintendo Ahead of Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation?

It is high time for Nintendo to get back in the game. The company holds the record for the second and third best-selling gaming consoles of all time with the Nintendo DS and the Nintendo Game Boy. With the Nintendo NX new console, it could come to surpass even those and go against the PlayStation 2, which holds the record for the highest selling gaming console of all time.