Apple Shuts Down Minecraft, Fans Are Confused

Apple Shuts Down Minecraft, Fans Are Confused Clapway

After reaching Top 10 on the Apple App Store, Minecraft: Pocket Edition 2 has been taken out of the server completely. It reached the #4 spot of best selling apps on iTunes. The reason? It was an absolute scam.

Minecraft Clapway

Fans Got the Minecraft Catch Quickly

The app was sketchy from the first moment, with a $10.99 price tag. Fans were confused by the release, but most caught on to the lie quickly. Thankfully, it didn’t surpass the first and legitimate Minecraft: Pocket Edition or Minecraft:  game rankings. Apple also caught on to the ruse quickly and took it down before anyone else lost some serious money.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition 2 had been available for weeks already. This brought in the App Store’s screening process to serious question. The game itself looks absolutely nothing like Minecraft, even featuring Scorpion from the original Mortal Kombat game. From the screenshots in reviews of the game, it even looks like players have to fight zombies.

The Mind Behind Minecraft: Pocket Edition 2, Viktor Todorov

The creator of this shameless game went under the alias ‘Scott Cawthorn’. As in, Five Night at Freddy’s Scott Cawthon. What’s more, Todorov had already used his fake name to release mobile ports of Five Nights at Freddy’s and Mortal Kombat – New Season. Both of which are fake.

There was obviously no word from Microsoft about a new Minecraft game. As such, fans managed to catch on to the lie very quickly since there was no official release statement. This is one more piece of evidence to show that people should be very mindful of what they buy on app stores. After all, Microsoft spent millions of dollars on Mojan for this kind of sequel to such a great game. Fans and enthusiasts will hear about new Minecraft game the second they release news about it, because it’s that kind of franchise.

Apple App Store Screening Process

This event highlights a few curious things. How does Apple approve or disapprove of the apps going into their stores? It looks like there’s not much to it. We could expect a revision of the app submission terms as soon as this is dealt with. All in all, people should be more aware of what they buy on app stores. Who spends $11 on a single app anyway?