PlayStation VR Gets Flirty, Xbox Facebook and Samsung Lag

PlayStation VR Gets Flirty, Xbox Facebook and Samsung Lag Clapway

Bandai Namco is filing for a trademark of the term ‘Summer Lesson’ in honor of the upcoming Playstation VR video game. Xbox, Facebook and Samsung are lagging behind. Summer Lesson revolves around giving cute girls language lessons. With this announcement, it looks like cute VR is coming to the West.

Summer Lessons Was Expected to Be A Japan-Only Title

The VR component of the game involves gamers shaking or their heads in response to questions posed by the girls. Many of these questions concern the Japanese language. It also involves a lot of staring at these pretty girls, which would make it a more likely hit in Japan.

Playing a came about Japanese tutoring might also sell better in Japan than in the West. If it is headed for the Western hemisphere, then it’ll be most accessible for people who already speak Japanese. That being said, the game is pretty linear. All questions that the girls ask will have a yes or no answer.

PlayStation VR is Getting Greedier than the Samsung Gear VR

There could be some adjustments to the title if it does come to the West. The girls could be tutored in the English language as opposed to Japanese. On the other hand, they could be the ones teaching Japanese. If they really want to give it a twist for Western gamers, they could make the Japanese girls playable characters to be tutored by Japanese gamers.

Here lies the true power of virtual reality. Facebook just recently announced the starting price for their Oculus headset, tagged at $599. It’s expected to be an upgrade from Samsung Gear VR, which is also powered by Oculus. The Samsung Gear VR currently needs a Samsung Galaxy device as a screen, a problem that the Facebook Oculus VR will not have.

Samsung Clapway

Xbox Will Soon Combine with the HoloLens

Xbox and the Microsoft HoloLens are making progress on their own front. Gamers, journalists and engineers have weighed in on their opinions on the HoloLens. It looks like with the Samsung Gear VR and Oculus, there’s still some work to be done. All in its own time, as it is now certain that the future of gaming is in virtual reality.