Sony Playstation Gamers Like Pornhub More than Microsoft Xbox Gamers

Sony Playstation Gamers Like Pornhub More than Microsoft Xbox Gamers Clapway

Pornhub’s yearly review exposed which gaming consoles use their site the most, and Sony Playstation gamers make up almost 50% of total visits. Although there are more PS4’s than other consoles by a significant margin, half of total traffic says a lot about PS gamers.

Sony Playstation Made Up 40% Of Pornhub Traffic in 2014

From last year’s, Playstation usage of the adult content website is at 46.9%. Xbox usage has actually dropped, from 45.7% to 37.9%. This is a surprising figure. Despite the fact that there are more PS4 owners than Xbox One owners, the fact that Xbox figures actually went down reveals that adult content must be trendier for people the Sony console.

Nintendo Wins Title of Most Innocent

Nintendo consoles give out much more innocent results. The Wii made up for 8.9% of traffic, and the Nintendo 3DS accounts for less than 2% of the total traffic. The Playstation Vita accounts for 5%. This means that adult content is more popular with Sony consoles. The Xbox One and Wii U were not included in the charts.

Will the Sony PlayStation 5 Bring in Good Pornhub Traffic As Well?

New rumors concerning the PlayStation 5 suggest that it might be launched sooner than gamers expect. The initial release date was set at 2020, but a new swarm of rumors suggest a launch date closer to 2018.

After it is released, the PS5 is set to get an upgrade in terms of looks and interior hardware. The console is rumored to feature 4K support and have seamless compatibility with PlayStation VR. There’s also a chance the console will no longer support disc drives, offering cloud storage instead.

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two Rumors Are Already Flying Around

The console is rumored to be five times faster than the PS4. Some leaksters suggest that the PlayStation 5 might be the last console in the PlayStation series. Sony might move on to more advanced gaming technology after that.

The launch of the PS5 might also come with the most anticipated titles of the last few years. This includes a potential GTA 6 game, and the next installment in the FIFA game series. There are no official release dates for either game, but it’s possible that they are introduced as bundles for the new console. 

Rumors also suggest that Microsoft is working on a new Xbox console to compete with the PlayStation 5. This is a natural move. However, Microsoft will have to do a little more than upgrade graphics and hardware. Sony has led gaming console sales by a wide margin, and Microsoft needs a serious upgrade to catch up.

Will the Sony PlayStation 5 Bring in Good Pornhub Clapway