Amazon Echo Alexa is Coming For Apple Siri

Amazon Echo Alexa is Coming For Apple Siri Clapway

After releasing the Echo, Amazon is releasing a second, cheaper generation called Amazon Fox, with an Alexa that could take Apple Siri out of the game. The mini-speaker will be the size of the average beer can, and it will be wireless.

Amazon Clapway

Amazon Brings Cloud-Based Services to the Mainstream

The Fox is expected to cost under $180, which is the current Echo price. Unlike the Echo, it will be battery operated. It will probably come with a docking station where it can re-charge. Alexa will not work automatically. Users will have to push a button to activate her, much like how Apple users activate Siri.

There’s a chance that Amazon will bring in an Alexa app that would allow users to activate her from a phone. This would get rid of the need of physically approaching the device to initiate communication.

The Amazon Speakers Go Bluetooth

This isn’t the only disadvantage that might come with the Amazon Fox. The Amazon Echo got a lot of positive reviews for its audio quality. A smaller device would mean some sacrifice for sound. There’s also a big possibility that the Fox will connect to everything via Bluetooth, which also makes compromises to audio quality.

However, Bluetooth makes usage very convenient. If the Fox manages to overpower the Echo in terms of lagging or glitching, it could sell well. We can even expect the Fox to be named Best Product of the Year for its functionality and price. A price tag for under $180 could put it on top of the Beats Pill.

The Best Selling Point for the Amazon Fox, Alexa

The voice-command feature for a speaker is a unique selling point. No other speaker on the market features this. The only thing that Amazon has to worry about is if the smaller size will take away from some of the Echo features that gave it such positive reviews. This is new territory for Amazon, but it can be easily dominated if they bring together the best of the Echo and bring in the best of Alexa to the smaller Fox.

Alexa vs. Apple Siri: Who is Better?

Siri was recently put into the new Apple TV OS, but it didn’t heed overly positive results. Hopefully, this will not be the case for Alexa. Virtual assistants are slowly taking over technology, and hopefully, Alexa will bring some humor and functionality to the innovation.