Google Maps Makes Waze and Apple Maps Obsolete

Google Maps Makes Waze and Apple Maps Obsolete Clapway

Google Maps has gotten an update today, and it renders other applications like Apple Maps and Waze totally obsolete. Introducing: Google Maps Driving Mode.

Google Maps Clapway

Driving Mode is The New Siri, But For Driving

Driving Mode actually guesses user’s destinations and helps them navigate there to the best of their ability. The new version of Maps is already available on the Google Play store, but the update won’t be available until the end of the week. That, and it will only be rolling out to Android users.

Driving Mode won’t be available to all users. According to the announcement, the update will only be available in seven countries: the US, UAE, the UK, Ireland, Malaysia, New Zealand and Singapore.

Driving Mode Is Restricted to Certain Areas for Now

With a single tap, the update will tell you if you should head out or if you should wait to avoid heavy traffic. The new Driving Mode will get users the quickest way to their destination even without knowing what the destination is. It also provides information like ETAs, traffic updates, gas station locations and pricing, and quickest routes to frequently visited places. This is all from the Android home screen.

For Android users, there are two ways to get to the new feature. They can choose to add a shortcut to their home screen or go directly onto the Google Maps app. Google Maps will slowly replace the need for even the most expensive and sophisticated GPS systems. The system will be able to calculate just how long it’ll take to get anywhere according to the time of day and location, and keep a log of your frequent destinations.

Google Maps is A Lot Smarter than Waze and Apple Maps

Google is making Google Maps extra smart. It is now able to use your destination history, your current location and the time to get to your final destination to predict where you want to go in the future and how you will want to get there. Now there’s the cybernetic chauffer we’ve always wanted. We could even see this software and this algorithm in action on the Google self-driving car, and then things will really be moving up. Waze and Apple Maps have no way of catching up to this bad boy.