Top 5 Modern Technologies That Are in fact Ancient

Top 5 Modern Technologies That Are in fact Ancient Clapway

When something is invented it is automatically assumed that it is modern. However, here are five instances where modern technologies were not so modern.

These Are Top 5 Modern Technologies That Are in fact Ancient


Way back in 1917, plastic surgery was invented by Harold Gillies. He used this type of surgery to help repair some of the victims that were wounded in World War I. However, it was revealed in the Edwin Smith Papyrus that this surgery actually took place way back in 3000 BC. Ancient Egyptians used this to rebuild thieves noses.


Way back in the late 19th century, vending machines were invented to dispense postcards of books. However, way back in the first century, the Greek Physicist Hero created coin operated machines that actually dispensed holy water in temples. Basically, this was invented so worshipers would stop taking holy water that they did not pay for.


Another one of the major modern technologies that actually was not so modern was the alarm clock. Levi Hutchins is usually the man that is given the credit for inventing the alarm clock in 1787. However, way back in 440 BC the Greek Philosopher Plato actually used his own personal water clock to wake him up. So, I think he should get credit for inventing the alarm clock. The only difference with Plato is he was using water and not an annoying buzzing sound.


In 1875, the Italian Scientist Filippo Cecchi created the modern seismograph which was used to detect earthquakes. However, in 132 AD Chinese Inventor Zhang Heng actually created the very first seismoscope. His version was a 1.8-meter bronze vessel that was detailed with dragons on the side.


Back in 1954, Dee Horton and Lew Hewitt created the automatic sliding door. They did this to solve the problem of opening a regular door in poor weather. They were not the first ones, though. In 50 BC, Hero of Alexandria had already invented an automatic door for temples. More modern technologies are sure to be made, and it will probably be revealed that they are not so modern.

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