Samsung, NVIDIA and AMD Revolutionize the Gaming World

Samsung, NVIDIA and AMD Revolutionize the Gaming World Clapway

Samsung seems to be in a competition with every other tech company for the most ‘firsts’ in the industry, and it has done it again with NVIDIA and AMD. The South Korean giant has added a new memory product to their rosters with a type of DRAM.

Samsung Releases HBM2 Modules

These memory chip can work through data at 256 GBps. It makes the chips seven times faster than even the best-rated DDR5 chips on the market. The chips are 20 nanometers in size. Samsung is looking to market these babies to server manufacturers, but they are also be working with NVIDIA and AMD to upgrade graphics cards. This can have revolutionary effects on the entire video game industry.

NVIDIA and AMD Can Use These Chips to Change Gaming Forever

The company is currently building 4GB modules, which will feature a core of 8-gigabits in four different layers. By the end of 2016, the company has full intention of releasing an 8GB series of the chips with eight stacks. By letting NVIDIA and AMD to use these chips, developers will have a smoother ride while working on new titles, while saving 95% more space than they would with any other GDDR5 DRAM. These upgraded chips are not just efficient when it comes to size, but they also don’t overheat and move faster. Eventually, these chips could become available as consumer cards in their 4GB versions.

Samsung Taps One More Industry

From home appliances and electronics to smartphones to server manufacturer chips, it’s clear Samsung wants to dip their feet everywhere they can. The company has a tremendous ability to become pioneers, which is why they are in the top ten largest companies by revenue in the whole world.

It’s exciting to think about what Samsung will tackle next. Their next big money maker will likely be the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7. The phone is expected to release as soon as February 2016, which is just around the corner. The phones will have 5.1″ screens, with a 5.5″ screen for the edge plus version of the phone. Like the current iPhone gen, it will feature 3D Touch. It will also feature a USB C port, an iris scanner and all-day batteries.

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