Top 5 Scientific Facts you didn’t Know About Winter

Top 5 Scientific Facts you didn’t Know About Winter Clapway

Once Christmas passes, who really wants Winter to stay? It is always cold outside, it can be annoying to drive your vehicle in, and it prevents you from going outside to get physical activity. However, there are some unknown facts about Winter, and the following are just a few.


Many would think that due to the cold weather that the Earth is far away from the sun during Winter, right? This is actually not true, and the Earth is closest to the sun during December. That seems like a contradiction doesn’t it?


Usually, snowflakes are not very big, but that does not mean that they can’t be. In the Guinness Book of World Records, the record size for a snowflake is a staggering 38 centimeters. Can you imagine a snowflake, in Winter, that large falling from the sky?!


Now, let’s turn to the biggest piece of hail ever found. Snowflakes are not dangerous, but hail certainly can be. This is especially true with the 20cm piece of hail that was recorded a long time ago. This is the largest piece of hail ever recorded, and it could send you to the hospital in a second.


You ever notice that when it is snowing outside, you can’t hear the sounds you usually do? This is because snow actually absorbs all of those sounds, and prevents you from hearing them. Basically, snow is a huge sound barrier to the outside world.


Did you ever know that there is a difference between a snowstorm and a blizzard? For a storm to be considered a blizzard, the wind must be howling at least 56 km/h, it has to last at least three hours, and must reduce visibility to 400 meters. If all of this criteria is matched, then it can be considered a blizzard. However, anything else is considered a simple snowstorm.

Once Christmas passes, who really wants Winter to stay Clapway