The Bracelet More Useful For Girls Than Apple Watch or Pebble

The Bracelet More Useful For Girls Than Apple Watch or Pebble Clapway

While smart watches aren’t exactly a household name yet, they have been making quite an impact. Apple Watch and Pebble seem to lead the pack when it comes to sales, but something is holding them back from the universal popularity of smartphones. Both the Apple Watch and Pebble are successful in male dominated markets. This should come as no surprise as the relationship between technological fields and men have always been strong. One device seeks to change that, however. Introducing the cStyle bracelet.

The Bracelet More Useful For Girls Than Apple Watch or Pebble Clapway


Unlike the aforementioned Apple or Pebble watches, the cStyle bracelet is not just about style. Yes, it has the world “style” in its name, but its purpose is far beyond that. The goal of cStyle is to get young girls interested in the fields of technology and engineering. On the outside, the cStyle looks like a fairly normal bracelet, but it’s the interior of the device that makes it unique.


Aside from lighting up in 200 or so different colors in relation to your body temperature (seriously), the cStyle has educational value. The software includes various games, coding tutorials and online forums that will help teach girls the basics of coding. A creative blank workspace is also included that allows one to test their creations. On top of that, all portfolios can be shared online, creating an educational community for budding coders.

WHY IS IT IMPORTANT? Why Is It More Useful Than Apple Watch or Pebble?

Obviously, any educational device that aims to help young children learn about a complex and growing aspect of our society is important. The problem is that many of these devices tend to be expensive, therefore limiting the exposure to underprivileged kids. The cStyle bracelet, however, is a measly $100. Not chump change, but far less than say, an Apple watch or Pebble. Perhaps Apple and Pebble charge such a ridiculous amount in hopes to keep children away. Why would they want them to fiddle around with their products only just to realize how mediocre and overpriced they are? By keeping the prices high, these products are limited to the children’s gullible and influential parents. Well, now with the cStyle, perhaps new generations of the young woman will grow up with the knowledge of coding. Paving the way for a future of intelligent consumers and professionals alike.