Top 5 Most Recent Changes on Twitter

Top 5 Most Recent Changes on Twitter Clapway

Twitter is always trying to make their domain as user-friendly as possible. They are consistently making changes, and they will alert their users when they do so. Today, we would like to look at some of the best recent changes that have been made.


The first change on our list happened on the first day of December. On that day, Twitter announced that third-party DR measurement would be able to be enabled through the API. This was done for advertisers who were participating in the DoubleClick Campaign Manager beta.


On November 18th, of last year, Twitter released two additions to their domain that are worth noting. The first one they added was some more information about their “Age Targeting” buckets. Secondly, they decided to add image and video conversation card documentation.


Late last year, Twitter released an update that would improve promoted content. When users upload videos that are used as a promotion, they must enter the value ”amplify_video” into the media_category parameter. Doing this will allow the new parameter to make the video pre-processed and ready for promotion.


In October of last year, Twitter decided to expand the app limit for a single app_list. On the 8th of that month, they increased the apps per list from 100 to 500. This was a very big change because 100 apps were limiting users, but 500 has given users five times the apps.


This next change is a little on the “old” side, but it was not that long ago. On September 14th, 2015, Twitter decided to make Media Views metrics available to all of their users. What these metrics do is display all views of all embedded media. This includes GIF’s, videos, images, and vines. Also, both billed and earned views are displayed with Media Views metrics.

Top 5 Most Recent Changes on Twitter Clapway