Four Surprising Facts About Racism and People Like Hitler

Four Surprising Facts About Racism and People Like Hitler Clapway

Let’s face it, Adolf Hitler is not a man that is loved by many. As a matter of fact, Hitler is one of the most hated mass-murders of all time. There is no doubt that he partook in racism, but were you aware of some of these facts about racists, like Hitler?


Studies in the past have shown that black people are more likely to be arrested than white people are. As a matter of fact, in New York City, nearly 80 percent of all of the stops were to Latinos and black people. Compare this to only eight percent being white, and it becomes a sad realization. Boy, Hitler would really like New York City.


This next fact really proves that this country can be corrupt. Back in 2010, a report was made by the U.S. Sentencing Commission. Their report indicated that black people received 10 percent longer jail sentences than white people. However, the alarming part is that these were for the same crimes. This proves that black people still get judged a little differently than white people.


Racism is real folks, and this next fact sums it up. Way back in 2001, the U.S. Bureau of Justice released some statistics. These statistics concluded that a black male that was born had a 32 percent chance of going to jail. On the other side, a man who was born white only had a six percent chance of going to jail.


In New York City, back in 2009, there was an alarming amount of non-white people who received a life sentence. Compared to all of the people who received life sentences, around 83 percent were not white. This fact is really hard to explain, but further details may be necessary. It is hard to say that this is unfair if we do not know what each person did. If they did the same dirty deed, then this is an absolute joke.

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