Three Reasons Why Tesla Autopilot is Incredible

Three Reasons Why Tesla Autopilot is Incredible Clapway

The idea of Autopilot technology is one that can raise a lot of opinions. Some will never allow a machine to drive their car, and others will be thrilled about the thought they can sit back and chill. Well, whether you are for it or against it, Tesla has released this technology in their Model S and it is incredible.


The entire point of this new technology from Tesla is to make driving safer, and it is not done to make Americans lazier. The Autopilot technology in the Tesla Model S allows the vehicle to stay in the right lane, change lanes fluidly, and also parallel park. As a matter of fact, Tesla describes this car as one that will help avoid crashes. This is mainly talking about cars wandering off the road, and when people do not see a car in their rear view. Also, one of the best aspects of this technology is it will actually help you find a parking spot.


When it comes to making technology, constantly updating the software is essential. Well, this is another reason why the Tesla Autopilot is amazing as they progressively update the technology. As a matter of fact, the company recently released a statement saying how the 7.1 version was the next step in developing full auto-driving capabilities.


The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, recently stated how Autopilot is better than a human at this point. He also notified the public that they are not aware of any accidents involving their Autopilot technology. Musk even said how many people were trying insane things, like jumping in the back seat when the car was driving. Even those people did not report any injuries, and that alone should make you feel safe in this car. Autopilot technology may be scary at first, but once you open up to it you will see how incredible it truly is.

Three Reasons Why Tesla Autopilot is Incredible Clapway