Top 3 Worst Scams on Ebay; PS4 Unboxing Failed

Top 3 Worst Scams on Ebay; PS4 Unboxing Failed Clapway

Let’s face it, some people around the world are just plain cruel. Users have to be careful when they are buying off of Ebay because sometimes there will be scams. One really awful example is a person who bought a used PS4 but instead received a PS3.


On YouTube, there was a video that showed someone who had recently bought a PS4 on Ebay. The video showed him unboxing the system, and what he found was an unpleasant surprise. The console came inside of a PS4 box, but the console was actually a PS3. The jerk who packaged the item had a sticker on top of the PS3 logo, and it said PS4. Not only this but there was also a game included, and it did not even include the disc.

Top 3 Worst Scams on Ebay; PS4 Unboxing Failed Clapway


This next scam is one that everyone should be aware of when buying from Ebay. Sometimes, buyers will offer you more than the agreed price, but they are just trying to pull one over on you. What they do is send you a cashier’s check that has no value to it, or send a fake Paypal account. However, once you send the buyer the item, there is no turning back. Just make sure that you never give somebody the item until you receive the money.


This scam is basically the complete opposite of the last scam. Sometimes buyers will pull the fast one, but other times it is the seller who will. What happens is the seller who is scamming you will set up his account that looks completely legit. Then, you will finalize a deal with them and send the payment to them. However, you will receive nothing, and they will run away with your money. This is one of the biggest problems with ordering from Ebay because you have to trust the seller.