Top 3 Devices That Can Protect You From Air Pollution

Top 3 Devices That Can Protect You From Air Pollution Clapway

One of the most harmful substances in the world is air pollution.

Sometimes, people are not even aware that they are in an area with bad pollution. The great thing is devices have been created and are continuing to be created, that can cope with this problem.

Top 3 Devices That Can Protect You From Air Pollution Clapway


First up, we have the AirVisual Node and it is a smart air quality monitor that will monitor the pollution levels both inside and outside. This node will display real-time information on carbon dioxide levels, and other pollution levels. Using the AirVisual Node will allow users to detect the invisible pollution, and react accordingly. Besides CO2 levels, it will also display humidity levels, the air quality, and temperature.


The next device is one that is portable, and also wearable. The Atmotube will also monitor the air that people breathe in real-time. Not only this but Atmotube will also display the Air Quality Score of a certain area, and then people will know if the area is safe. Some of the dastardly pollutants that it looks for are carbon monoxide, benzene, propane, and acetone. This is a perfect device to use when people are going to a place where they are unsure of how clean the breathing will be.


Yet another air quality monitor is Foobot, but this one works primarily indoors. This device was designed to alert people when the air inside is polluted. As soon as users perform the first reading on the Foobot, they will know instantly if it is polluted. After they do this, they can program the app to warn them for future peaks. Foobot looks for the same pollutants as the other two do, as well. These devices are perfect for anyone who is worried about this, and they should be snagged immediately.