2 Unique Facts about Shiren The Wanderer on PS Vita

2 Unique Facts about Shiren The Wanderer on PS Vita Clapway

One of the most fascinating releases of 2016 is Shiren The Wanderer on PS Vita.

It is going to be making its way on this handheld on July 26th, and it was talked about on the PlayStation Blog. For those of you who are unaware, this series has had rouge-like gameplay. This type of gameplay is simply a sub genre of RPG’s, and dungeons are the primary feature. This game is going to be no different, and there are a couple of facts that you should know.

2 Unique Facts about Shiren The Wanderer on PS Vita Clapway


On the PlayStation Blog, it was touched on what to expect from this video game on the PS Vita. It was mentioned how this upcoming game is basically an extended and enhanced update of Shiren the Wanderer 5. This installment was noted as being a little easier than the previous one’s, and that would give reason to believe the PS Vita version will be a little easier as well. This game is going to indeed keep with the rogue-like gameplay, and gamers will be able to conquer both monsters and dungeons. So, if you have been a fan of these games in the past then you should definitely play this one when it comes out on the PS Vita.


RPG’s are typically video games that are going to offer the gamer a great challenge, but rogue-like RPG’s tend to be harder than normal. However, on the PlayStation Blog, it is noted that you will be able to play with a friend in co-op mode. This means that if you fall and can’t get up, you can have your friend come and revive you. This will make the experience much easier, and also add an extra fun factor. Not only this but you can also battle your friend in a different gameplay mode, and then you can see who is the king!