3 Reasons Why NFL Fans Would Love Microsoft HoloLens

3 Reasons Why NFL Fans Would Love Microsoft HoloLens Clapway

Do you ever imagine yourself enhancing the experience of watching an NFL game? Sure, just sitting back on a Sunday afternoon and watching football is nice, but it could get better.

3 Reasons Why NFL Fans Would Love Microsoft HoloLens Clapway

Microsoft recently released a video and it showed off their HoloLens holographic computer. The video showed how this device would work when watching an NFL game, and it looked incredible.


3D images and the ability to see 3D movies has been around for quite a while now. However, can you imagine watching an NFL game with 3D players? Well, with the Microsoft HoloLens this becomes possible. How cool would it be to actually see the player throw the football right into your living room? With the HoloLens, fans would not even need to go to the games anymore!


Do you ever get sick and tired of watching a football game on your TV? Sure, you can watch it on your computer, tablet, and any other device, but you get my point. If you watch an NFL game while using the Microsoft HoloLens, then you can actually watch the game from your table! That is right, once you put on the headset you will be able to witness the game right on your coffee table. Microsoft is about to give fans a reason to never feel the need to actually go to a game.


This last reason is going off of the second reason, and it is you can view an NFL game through multiple screens with HoloLens. Why limit yourself to just one screen, when you can experience the thrill of the game through multiple screens. Microsoft is going to make a lot of football fans happy, and they deserve a lot of credit for doing something this great. The NFL will never be the same again once the world sees what the HoloLens is all about.