Scientists Know How to Bring Frozen Human Brains Back to Life

Scientists Know How to Bring Frozen Human Brains Back to Life CLapway

If you can bring a rabbit brain back to life, then you can bring a human brain back to life. Perhaps it not as simple as that statement, but this is the general theory behind researchers at 21’st Century Medicine. In their latest breakthrough, scientists have successfully recovered a rabbit brain come cryopreservation. This is the first time a complete mammalian brain has been frozen and brought back in near perfect condition.

Scientists Know How to Bring Frozen Human Brains Back to Life CLapway


Aldehyde-stabilized cryopreservation, as it is called, is a fresh technique that has led scientists to accomplish this great success. The process involves filling the rabbits brain with chemicals, then allowing it freeze at -211 degrees Fahrenheit. Upon the thawing of the brain, all the membranes and inner structures of the brain were completely preserved. This technique was the first of its kind proven to preserve all functions that support learning and memory.


Scientists are still ways off from successfully freezing and bringing back a human brain, but the previously unfathomable may soon become a reality. Previously, attempts at freezing a brain resulted in severe dehydration and  damage to neural connections. This was a defense mechanism of sorts by the brain so it could potentially be revived later on. With the latest stabilization technique, it seems this is no longer necessary. All functions will be fully preserved. Although watching Han Solo get cryogenically frozen wasn’t all that appealing, this possibility for a human is not just science fiction anymore.


In addition to bringing back a functioning brain from a frozen state, scientists have stated they developed a way for long term storage of a mammalian brain. This brings about all kinds of potential prospects, like bringing a dead, human brain back to life. As a vital part of human character, the fact that scientists have developed a way to keep all neural functions intact is a breakthrough we have never seen. Travelling through long periods of space and time while still retaining the memories of the past is a scenario that scientists will soon make a reality. Let’s just hope this doesn’t inspire any events from Alien.