Top Three Most Rich Instagram Pets

Top Three Most Rich Instagram Pets Clapway

How crazy is it to think that pets actually have Instagram accounts? Better yet, how insane is it to consider that some of these accounts are commanding huge fees to appear at events? Well, per reports that is exactly what is happening. There are some rules, though, and they have to do with how many followers someone has. If an Instagram pet account has over 100,000 followers, then they can make over $2,000. This number continues to increase when they get into the 200,000 follower range. People have definitely made some extra cash with this, and here are some of the richest.

Top Three Most Rich Instagram Pets Clapway


First up is Toast from Katie Sturino, and this is a rescued puppy that has no teeth. Due to the fact that this Instagram account has almost 350,000 followers, Toast is now featured in a Karen Walker sunglasses campaign. The owner of this account mentioned how the Instagram accounts, like hers, that have broken out are getting a lot of money.


This next pet allowed the owner to actually quit his job! Bodhi, as his Instagram account states, is the most stylish dog in the entire world, and the account has around 252,000 followers. The owners of this dog now make around $15,000 a month and have quit their jobs. If I was making this kind of money for something like that, then I would quit my job too!


The website of Chloe, a charity dog, states how she threw a silent auction to raise money for the New York Humane Society. Not only is this three-year-old dog a great humanitarian, but she was also featured in a Budweiser Super Bowl promotion. You want to talk about publicity, and this is all over a simple Instagram account! It might be time for you to do this, but it may take a while to get the necessary amount of followers.