Instagram Killed a Baby Dolphin 

Instagram Killed a Baby Dolphin  Clapway

Before you round up your hippy buddies at PETA and storm the gates at Instagram, pitchforks in hand, take a few breaths. Instagram is not fully responsible for the unfortunate death of this baby dolphin, but the culture it has supported certainly hasn’t helped.

1. Baby Dolphin 2


An endangered dolphin found in Argentina last week was killed due to the curiosity and ignorance of beachgoers. The levels of stupidity were numerous but it started out with one particular man scooping the animal from the shallows and thrusting it for all to see. As it got passed around the increasingly large group, people found it absolutely necessary to snap a selfie with the suffocating creature. After all was said and done, the idiocracy continued as the dolphin was left in the mud, flailing around, trying to appreciate its last breath and eventually dying. This further proves what we have become.


Is Instagram a killer of endangered species? Not entirely but they have created a self-absorbed culture of people who care only about projecting a fake image of themselves. People wanted to be seen with this dolphin just as they want to show the world they’re at the leaning tower of Pisa, climbing the Spanish steps or running with the bulls. It’s no longer about capturing the experience, but proving to the world that one was there. People want to show off their accomplishments on Instagram, and they will go to massive lengths in order to do so. Even if it means killing innocent baby dolphins.


As with any controversial news that goes viral these days, social media is outraged. By outraged, many people voiced their opinions online, pointing fingers and causing arguments. When they’ve exhausted their political vocabulary for the day, these people go back to their Instagram accounts showing off the sandwich they ate for lunch to the world. Intelligently taking advantage of the massive response, The Argentine Wildlife Foundation asked the public to use this tragedy as a reminder. A reminder to return dolphins to the sea if they are found out of water. The fact that had to be said at all is baffling.