2 Reasons Why Fans Should Pray for Rihanna

2 Reasons Why Fans Should Pray for Rihanna Clapway

It’s time to put your personal feelings aside because people around the world need to start praying for Rihanna. I can here the people who dislike her right now saying yeah, I will pray that she can create some decent music. This is not talking about her singing career, but rather the person behind the curtain. One of the following two reasons we know she is struggling with, and one is a heavy rumor that may be true.

2 Reasons Why Fans Should Pray for Rihanna Clapway


Unless you have been living under a rock since Monday, you’re aware that Rihanna missed the Grammy Awards. She tweeted out, around 10:40 pm Monday night, that she was sorry she couldn’t be there, as well as thanking CBS for their support. She actually made it to the dress rehearsal, but ultimately her doctor decided she was not healthy enough to perform. The rep of Rihanna is the one who broke this news, and the antibiotics she was taking for three days were not enough to kill the infection. Hopefully, this is just a simple illness and is not something severe. Whether you like her or not is irrelevant because no one should celebrate someone being ill.


Before this next reason is mentioned, let me mention that this is not a fact. However, it is something that has been heavily rumored for a while. I am simply talking about the rumor that Rihanna is HIV positive. It is assumed that when she was a teenager, she was raped and contracted HIV. Again, the word assumed is the key word to take away from this. However, you know what happens to people when they assume. Anyway, if this rumor happens to be true then we need to pray for her. Let’s just hope that these are just bogus rumors, but we won’t know unless Rihanna says so herself.