3 of The Most Insane Vampire Criminals Ever

3 of The Most Insane Vampire Criminals Ever Clapway

If the greatest mystery in the world is aliens, then vampires are right behind them. For many people, when they hear the word vampire they think of a blood sucking fictional being. Over the years, there have been numerous stories on past vampire criminals. Whether these are actually true or not is still in question, but these three vampire criminals are still insane.

3 of The Most Insane Vampire Criminals Ever Clapway


Countess Elizabeth Bathory was a very despicable woman who spent her life murdering women. History actually says that she would drench them in water and then leave them to freeze to death. Bathory’s legend is quite fascinating, as it is said that she murdered around 650 women in her lifetime. To make this even worse, she would bath in their blood because she believed it had restorative powers. At least, this is what the legend says.


The Vampire of Hanover makes its way next, and this man was plain cruel. His real name was Fritz Haarmann, and he murdered over two dozen people in around six years. To murder most of these people, he would bite them in the neck. Haarmann paid for his crimes as he was sentenced to death by guillotine. Another cool tidbit is his brain is actually kept at a medical school in Germany.


Now, we turn to a man who let the fascination of blood take over his life. Richard Chase went on a killing spree in 1977 in which he murdered six people. To make matters worse, he ended up drinking the blood of all of his victims. One of the more interesting parts of his murders is he was quoted as saying he would only come into a house if the door was open. Although he was also sentenced to death, he decided to take himself out of the game by overdosing.

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